I’m coming down the mountain… but how am I gonna get better?

January 2020 , written by Kryschja

Whether you’ve been skiing for twenty years or just spent three weeks on skis, there’s always more to learn! It might surprise you, but even ski instructors can still learn a lot. Nothing to be ashamed of! But how do you get better?

For years you have been faithfully going every crocus holiday to Austria. When the first snow falls in November, you take your skis off the attic and sit with your nose on the webcam of your favo ski area 24/7. You don’t want to miss a thing and can’t wait for the weather to come!

A few months later you are finally in the beautiful Westendorf. At your leisure you ski down the first blue slope. So, it went back to the way it was! While you are sitting in the chairlift back up, you look around you with interest. Your downhill run was indeed as ‘old-fashioned’ as you think to yourself. Time to learn something new so that you can go with all those professional-looking skiers.

Learning new things, how do you do that?

Although YouTube videos are the bomb these days, we personally don’t recommend learning skiing this way or mastering a new technique. Our ski instructors are all trained at Austrian Ski Associations and are ready to teach you the perfect technique. Every mistake they can see and they can correct you step by step. If you have your hands too low or too far back, your knee too stretched or your foot too far out. These are all aspects that are important when learning to ski and that a YouTube video cannot point out to you.



Take ski lessons!

So, conclusion: even if you’ve been skiing for a long time and you’re not a beginner anymore, even if you feel too cool to chase after a ski instructor, do it anyway! By taking a few hours of (private) lessons at the beginning of your holiday, all the bad habits you’ve learned yourself or good habits you’ve learned yourself, will be indicated. Not deep enough through your knees, not far enough forward, your hands at the wrong height and your legs too far apart or too close together. These are all movements that wear out over time, and what would it be? Cause you’re coming down, aren’t you? That’s right! But if you want to become a better skier, these are the points to watch out for. Two hours with a ski instructor and some personal feedback will make you alert again and you’ll enjoy your whole holiday! The red piste will be a lot easier if you move forward enough… 🙂