Snow Walking Shoes

Snow walking shoes
Everyone who hears the word ‘winter sports’ thinks almost immediately of skiing or snowboarding. But of course these are not the only sports that belong to winter sports. There are many other fun activities in the snow. Although more and more sports are added nowadays, there are also a number of sports that are still practiced traditionally; one of these sports is snowshoeing!

Winter hiking and snowshoeing
Where skiing and snowboarding stops off-piste, winter hiking and snowshoeing are just the beginning. There are many off-piste opportunities to discover the vast ski area of SkiWelt Wilderkaiser Brixental. Hiking in the mountains is of course always possible, but with snowshoeing shoes this is a lot easier.
Winter hiking boots can be seen as wide “chassis” that you can connect to your normal hiking boots. The wide floating surface ensures that you do not sink too deeply into the snow. Furthermore, the snowshoes have sharp points at the bottom that ensure that you have enough grip on both flat and steep areas to be able to walk.

Snowshoe hiking trails
Westendorf has a number of challenging hiking trails where you get to know parts of the mountain range that you’ll never get to on skis. Snowsports Westendorf has chosen to include snowshoeing shoes in its range in addition to all the ski and snowboard equipment. Our specialist ski rental staff know all the important things you need to know about the sport and make sure you’re well prepared for the adventure.
Click here for an overview of the snowshoeing routes in Westendorf! 

“ Westendorf has beautiful snowshoeing tours.”

Would you like to reserve snowshoeing shoes? You can do this by filling in the contact form below. You can rent the shoes for an amount of €8,- per day.

Snow Walking Shoes Westendorf

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