Skiing after the age of 65!

Februari  2020, written  Kryschja

You have passed the age of 65: the age at which you start getting discounts everywhere in the Netherlands. In museums, public transport, theatre performances, you name it. Actually, you also want to go skiing for a week, but you don’t get a discount on your ski pass because you’re over 65. “Am I too old then?” you ask yourself. We can tell you: No, you’re not!

You’re never too old to ski

Like we said, being over 65 doesn’t mean you’re too old to ski. It might be a little slower than when you were 28, maybe you don’t dare, you think a little more about the dangers of skiing and you’re a little less flexible. All not a problem! Although it is of course important that you still have a certain degree of vitality and sportsmanship, you don’t necessarily have to be able to touch your toes with your fingers with your legs stretched out. 


Skiing after you're 65
Skiing after you're 65

Still a little unsure to get on skis?

Of course, it can happen that you are a bit insecure to get back on your skis. For example, you haven’t skied in five years, or maybe you fell on your bike four months ago, which reminds you how much pain your old bones can cause. Then take advantage of the private lessons offered at Ski School Snowsports Westendorf! This is certainly quite an investment, but it will also be seen and felt in your skiing. With the tips from our ski instructors you will immediately get a more stable posture and feel a lot more secure on the slats. Then you can join the rest of the group for the next few days!

Not 65+ but ”old” and uncertain?

Of course, the above advice also applies to you! Are you still vital, are you still a bit sporty and would you like to get on skis again? Then book your lessons at Ski School Snowsports Westendorf so that our teachers can help you get back on your skis confidently.

Skiing after you're 65