well prepared for winter sports

well prepared for winter sports

On and off the slopes, everything is arranged for your safety. Think of the pistenbully’s, snowploughs and first aiders on snowmobiles. But what can you do yourself to make sure your winter holiday goes as safely as possible?

Car trip

Are you going on a winter trip by car? Then there are a number of safety precautions you should take. Winter tires must be on the car from November 1, it is also mandatory to have snow chains with you. Make sure the car is fully packed and take all safety equipment with you. This allows you, if you are faced with surprises, to anticipate quickly.


Having your skis adjusted is important to have done for your safety. Of course, they must be adjusted to your personal level, otherwise things can quickly go wrong. Besides the skis, the outfit is also an important point. Not only should it be warm and look good, but the outfit should also fit well. In addition, the helmet and goggles are mandatory. For the perfect ski outfit, it is best to visit a ski store. We recommend MK-Skiservice because of their large selection and the knowledge of their staff.


When you go skiing you don’t need to have a trained body with a six-pack, but being fit on the slopes is safer. Start exercising before your winter holiday so that you not only get up the mountain safely, but also get down in one piece. Experts recommend that you train your strength, endurance and core-stability so that you can go on holiday safely. Make sure you are prepared by practicing at home or in a ski hall and follow a training course there!

well prepared for winter sports
well prepared for winter sports

Enough rest

Starting the day rested ensures that you’ll get downstairs safely. If you have had enough sleep you are more alert and react faster. This means that you can avoid dangerous situations, so make sure you get enough sleep every night and go to the slopes well rested.

Start your ski day

Start your ski day with a warm-up, with just a few stretching exercises you reduce the risk of injury and you start the day smoothly. This will give you less muscle pain the next day and reduce the risk of skiing injuries.

Ski lessons

Can’t ski very well yet? That’s not a bad thing at all, but opt for a lesson. By taking ski lessons, you’ll get to know what you’re doing and not go down the mountain without experience. This will not only make it safer for you, but also for the other skiers on the slopes. You can also take indoor ski lessons at SnowWorld, so that you are extra well prepared before you hit the real slopes.

Common sense

Experimenting on the piste is fun, but take care for yourself and your fellow skiers. An accident can happen very easily. Always keep your full focus and use your common sense while skiing. Then winter sports will remain safe for everyone!

well prepared for winter sports